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Our Dammreal School implemented the first exchange program. It took place from the 29th September until 4th October 2014. Some students took part in this program, these are Maria, Ninorte, Kamilla, Albert, Viktoria, Firuze, Franzisca, Britta, Silvio, Josip, Noah, Rasul and the SMV-Team helped a lot to realize this project. Of course we mustn’t forget our teachers Mrs. Belzner, Mr. Depner, Mr. Höfer and Mr. Hertner, who thought up and organized it. The Dammreal School did the exchange program with the school from Palazollo in Italy.Twelve Italian students and one teacher came to Heilbronn. Their names are Sara B., Melissa G., Eleonora N., Alessia I., Alessandro L., William L., Alessandro M., Marco L., Andrea B., Alberto T., Alessandro Z. and Daniel. The teacher´s name is Franka P..
The Italian students stayed at there exchange partners´houses for five days. They were allocating to the students, who took part. Daniel and Alessandro with Maria and Albert, Sara with Ninote, Marco with Kamilla and Rasul, Andrea and Alberto with Viktoria and Silvio, Alessia with Firuze, Eleonora with Franzisca, Melissa and Alessandro with Britta, William with Josip, Alessandro with Noah and Franka with Mrs. Belzner.
On the first day, it was the 29th of September the Italian group arrived at our school at half past eleven. The students and the SMV-Team with Mrs. Belzner and Mr. Höfer came earlier to school to prepare the snacks, these are “Pizza Brötchen”, and drinks for the students as a welcome and get to know dinner. It took about 30 min. After that we all went home, and began the exchange activities on the next day.
On Tuesday, 30th September our day at school started at 8:30 am. The rock band performed two very nice music peaces, and then we got some information about the upcoming days. The first thing was visiting the student’s classes. It was a little bit boring, because the Italien students didn’t understand anything during the lessons. After school we met in the city and had a little snack before the city rally in Heilbronn started. 
We got some questions about Heilbronn and had to answer them. 
After we had had some spare time, we had to prepare ourselves for the canoeing on the Neckar. The SMV-Team came there, too. It was very cool, funny and the weather was great. At the end some students went home and some others walked into the city with the exchange students and visited Presutti. We were at this café almost the whole day and evening.
We began with normal lessons the 3rd day. At 11:00 o’clock they were invited to a mixed soccer competition, which was organized by our teachers and the SMV-Team. It was very exciting to watch it. The winners were the Italian students with 3:1. In the evening there was a farewell party at school. Some teachers and students did crazy things. An Italian guy, Alessandro was one of the DJ´s and rocked the party.
On the 4th day we had lessons like the 2 days before, but then we visited the “Climbing Arena” Heilbronn. This 4 hours were the funniest but the most difficult part of the day or maybe of the week. Some students couldn’t climb three times. They were all exhausted. On this day we had a lot of free time. The girls went shopping and the boys played football.
In my opinion the last day was the easiest, because we could all have a good conversation with each other, but the hardest day, because of the “Oktober Fest”. On this day we all visited Stuttgart and these “Fest”. All trains were really full. The whole way from the main station to the “Oktober Fest” was crowded. You couldn’t even walk normally. Even with these problems we arrived there. We spent our time there in groups. When we wanted to begin the journey back to Heilbronn there was a problem on the train tracks. We had to wait for our train for a long time. But there was also good side. We could speak with each other for the last time and there were very funny situations, which you can’t see usually. Then finally we arrived at our school. It was very late, about 11 o’clock. Again the SMV-Team and some teachers prepared a great, big dinner for the students and the parents to thank them all. At the end the teachers said their last words. On Saturday in the early morning we went to school to say goodbye to our Italien exchange partners.
This week was very funny. On the first day we were tense, nervous and it was very weird, but as time drew on it was easier. We spent a lot of time together; they were all nice and communicative. We had a lot of fun.
Kamilla 9c

4. Oktober 2014