„Include me“ 2. Meeting in Heilbronn

„Project-based-learning“ 18.03.2019 – 24.03.2019

„Erasmus + include me
Project based learning. This was our topic in coopertion with include me. Their were 5 countries in this project, like France, italy, Poland, Greece and we Germans. Some of us already knew some of the foreign students but not me, so i went into this project completly unknown and full of enthusiasm. I started to make contact very early and it worked out pretty well. I met new friends at this project. Our coordination in the kitchen was very good too and we had many helping hands from the other students, not only in the kitchen but everywhere. This was the perfect definition of teamwork, fun, friendship and kindness. Within this week every nation presented their schools, we went climbing to gain our trust, visited the town hall of Heilbronn and we went dragonboating. We showed them what makes our school this special, the picture like impression of 40 nations sitting in one boat was just the topping. Every student tryed his best and it was so heartwarming to see how they faught, we also did a race with 3 boats. Even tho Lazaros pulled like 25 liters of water in our boat we still won. It was just a nice day. The next day , saturday, we all organized a party. We got into groups and worked for each area, for example : food and drinks, party games, decoration and so on. It was such a nice atmosphere where everyone just works very concentrated and with pleassure on the party. And just by the way , playing table tennis was always fun, espacially agains Sammy and the Italian teacher. Maybe it sounds strange but, I felt like it was the most beatiful moment when it was time to day goodbye just because I saw how hard it was for the other students to leave us and how much we got connected to each other just in this small period of time. That also shows that we didnt have done much wrong and really got friends. It was just beatiful, amazing, unforgettable, emotional and the best thing in my life till now.“

„This week, I learned new things and done things I didn`t think I could. For example: We went paddling and it was heartwarming to see everyone trying their best, even though it was exhausting. There is the metaphor „ We are one in the boat and we are together. No matter where you come from or where you`ll go! “ For the first time I actually understood what it means. We sat in a boot and managed to move it forward. Past and future doesn`t matter. All that does is teamwork. We also went to a climbing hall. It was amazing and it actually suprised me, how fast my teammates trusted me. They trusted my support, that I won`t let them fall, even after only knowing each other for two days. But what really exceeded my expectations, was how fast I opened up and that I was able to teach other students how mindmapping and cardrequest works. I was excited to help them learn new things. They worked hard, asked questions and did their best. I was glad that they were even able to use them to plan our final evening. We got together in groups, with people we barely knew, and managed to plan out a whole party. We had decorations, music, food, drinks and even party games. Everything was thought of. I`m impressed with how much we accomplished together. Especially the party, which had been planned within one and a half to  two days. But what`s more important is the relationships we built. During our freetime in Heilbronn we gave them a city tour and went shopping. We even got to go inside the city hall. In Obersteinbach we danced until one am an talked until we were tired. We shared a lot of stories and laughs. But of course, the day of everyones departure came. I was moved by how they didn`t want to leave and even cried during our goodbyes. It showed that they felt comfortable and enjoyed their stay. Although a lot of tears were shed, I`ll still look back at these memories with a smile. I`m glad that I was lucky enough to experience them. I didn`t just meet new people, but I also developed as a person. I learned to be more open and share my ideas out loud.
Hopefully all of us can keep in touch.“

„Everything startet on 18.03.2019. On Monday afternoon we drove together (team Germany) to Obersteinbach. Working together and enjoying ourselves, we prepared ourselves for the students with whom we were able to experience a wouderful week. At 5 pm the teams startet to arrive (team Poland, team Greece, team France and team Italy).We were looking forward to everyone! Each team prepared a presentation: The main topic was: INCLUDE ME – project based learning. It was so nice to listen and see how the schools look like in 4 other European countries. But the best moment was, when we were in the climbing arena. We trusted the other people, who secured us. But of course more memorable is, when we drove the dragonboat together. For me, it was such a nice feeling from up there (on the drum) to see the students paddeling with joy. Also, it was a great honor for us when we were greeted by the mayoress Mrs. Kristner in the town hall of Heilbronn.
Saturday was the day, we were waiting for: our final evening. We had everything planned and this cooperation had connected us more closely. For the team Germany it was so nice to see the students and teachers walking around with friendly faces while we were giving everything to accomplish that.
Everything has an end. On Sunday morning we had breakfast together for the last time. The buses arrived. We parted with weeping eyes and hoped that we would see each other again. We all are very grateful that we had the opportunity to experience this wonderful and indescribable feeling.“

„As cheesy as this sounds, Erasmus ist he best experience that I have ever had and hopefully will have again in the near future. I was lucky enough to be part of this Erasmus+ project for the third time and I am really thankful for that. The atmosphere, the people and memories that we hold in us are not easy to have and experience.This project based learning took place in my homeland Germany and our potential was to make the other students feel good and integrate them just as we try to do it in our Dammrealschule Heilbronn, and I believe that the foreign students and teachers received this message. We did projects that made us work together and even made us closer. The dragonboot is the best example in this case. I think that this shows, that young people have so much potential in them and they need to know how much and when to use it. Nevertheless, we know how much integration, friendship and love to each other is worth and I know that everyone, who took part in this project at least holds in a lot of great memories and will have them for the rest of their lives.“

„The meeting in Germany was my third Erasmus project after France and Italy. I don`t know how to start because there were so many incredible moments. So we spent 6 days in Obersteinbach and enjoyed almost everything. We did all the work together and it was so good to see how we treated and helped each other in all situations. All of us did a really good job in no matter what kind of team work it was. For example when the boat, i was in, won the race. This will be unforgettable forever. And right after that we won the race with the German girls. It was a feeling, which we could`t describe. Then I will never forget how much we danced all night. Even if we were tired, we always chose to have more and more fun. So I`m so thankful for all the teachers, because I think we forget sometimes that they gave us literally everything because of their work we could travel a lot and could participate in these international projects. And there are so many memories that will last for a lifetime. Everytime we laughed or cried together, we were getting closer and it was the best feeling ever to have people like them by my side. We were so different but yet the same inside. I had mixed emotions but I will remember those beautiful times forever.“



26. März 2019